Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 30th Negotiations Session

On Tuesday, June 30th, the AHEM negotiations team met with the district team for approximately 1.5 hours. The district presented their initial economic proposal, including salaries and benefits. The district team also commented on AHEM's response to the district's language items.

In the last week, we have received a few questions from members regarding the content of the initial economic proposal that AHEM made a couple of weeks ago. The AHEM negotiations team spent many hours crafting an initial proposal that reflected the priorities identified by our members as a whole on the negotiations survey earlier this year. Those member priorities included maintaining health and dental insurance and step and lane movement, balancing those priorities with significant savings that would maintain teacher positions.

The initial AHEM economic proposal was reasonable, affordable, well thought-out and fair to all of our members. Our initial proposal, if accepted by the district, would result in minimal teacher job cuts in the 2010-11 school year, as long as all other employee groups, including administrators, agree to carry their fair share of the budget deficit over the two-year period, and the school board moves to "right size" our buildings to reflect current enrollment.

Our next bargaining session with the district will be Friday, July 10 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. The district team has stated that they will bring specific contract language proposals for us to review. AHEM plans to make additional comments on some of the district's contract language proposals. Please check after July 10 for the next update.

Your negotiators,

-Paul, Sandy, Vicki, LeMoyne, David, Gary, and Julie

June 16 Negotiations Session

We met with the district negotiators* today at the AHEM office. We presented our economic proposal and responded to the language items the district presented at the last meeting.

So, as of today, everything's pretty much on the table from both sides. The district said they will respond to our proposal at the next session. That means our next meeting on June 30th will be when the negotiating goes to the next level.

Thanks for reading and we'll keep you posted!

Your negotiators,

-Sandy, Paul, LeMoyne, Vicki, David, Gary, and Julie

*The district negotiators are General Counsel Paul Cady, Director of Labor Relations and Benefits Linda Fenwick, Sand Creek principal Paul Anderson, and Anoka High School principal Mike Farley.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd Negotiations Session

We met with the district today. They responded to our contract language items* and the vast majority of those are still open for discussion. We in turn heard their proposed contract language items. We also got an update on the numbers that we need to create an economic proposal**.

That's our next step - AHEM negotiators will be meeting on June 9th to craft our initial economic proposal and respond to the district's contract items. We will present that proposal at our next bargaining session on June 16th.

Stay tuned....

Your Negotiators,
Paul, Sandy, Vicki, LeMoyne, David, Gary, and Julie

*Contract language items are the pieces of language that layout the specifics of our working agreement. When you can use personal days, how leaves work, what happens if you are transferred and many, many more items are examples of contract language.
**The economic proposal includes everything that has a cost, like salaries, insurance, retirement, some contract language items, and stipends.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Contract Negotiations!

Thank you for visiting our site! Our goal is to keep you updated on our progress in negotiating our 2009-2011 contract. After each negotiating session or other major event, our negotiators will update this page with any news or progress toward a settlement.

If you use Twitter, you can also follow us at www.twitter.com/7007. * We will post links back here as soon as this page is updated. We'll do the same if you follow our group on Facebook, Anoka Hennepin Education Minnesota. We will also update our negotiations hotline at 651-695-2029 if you'd rather hear the updates by phone.

Enjoy your summer and let's work together for a fair, timely settlement!

Your negotiators,
Paul, Sandy, Vicky, LeMoyne, David, Gary, and Julie**

*"7007" is our local number as assigned by the AFL-CIO.
** For more information on us or the process, check out the AHEM Negotiations Page.