Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mediation Session #1

We had our first bargaining session with a mediator today (that's the 13th session overall for this round of bargaining).  We met for five hours at the ESC. Our first session of mediation was typical in that it focused on bringing the mediator up to speed and ensuring everyone had a clear understanding of each side’s proposals and priorities.

One difference in this phase of bargaining is that both sides are strongly advised by the Bureau of Mediation Services to keep the bargaining at the table – that is, not to publicize the specifics of our discussion. We agreed to that principle.  We can say that we have scheduled two more sessions with the district and mediator: Thursday, February 6th and Thursday, February 27th.

Walking in to the ESC and seeing all the red, hearing your stories of how you are Working to Rule, and the messages of support are deeply appreciated by the whole team.  Keep up the good work – your unity and resolve are making a difference,

Your AHEM Negotiations Team: Paul, LeMoyne, Vicki, Jay, Tom, Val, and Julie