Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mediation Session #4

We are disappointed in the lack of progress during today’s mediation session.  After the movement made during our last session, we are down to resolving a few major issues. We were unable to move forward on those points because the key decision makers for the district - school board members - were absent.   We have met a total of 16 times over ten months (12 in open bargaining, 4 times in mediation) and not one school board member has attended even one meeting.

Last week, we postponed discussion of further actions until this Monday, March 17th. At that meeting of AHEM Building Representatives, our negotiations team will recommend that we schedule a date for a strike authorization vote.  We will share more details at that meeting so that our representatives can decide our next steps.

Throughout this process, our members’ support has been invaluable - thank you.  Together, we can achieve a fair, competitive settlement,

Your AHEM Bargaining Team:
Paul, Jay, Vicki, Tom, LeMoyne, Val, Duane, David, and Julie