Monday, December 14, 2009

AHEM Representative Assembly Unanimously Approves Work to Rule

At tonight's meeting of the Representative Assembly*, AHEM building representatives voted unanimously to begin work to rule** district wide starting this Wednesday, until the negotiations team believes we are at a point that would warrant its suspension.

This is not an easy decision for educators to make, as those at the 30 sites who have already begun work to rule can attest. However, we believe it is time for significant action on our part, to motivate the district to take significant action on theirs.

We will be in mediation tomorrow and will update you on our progress as soon as we can,
Your Negotiators - Paul, Sandy, Vicki, LeMoyne, David, Gary, and Julie

*AHEM's Representative Assembly is our local union's highest governing body and is made up of representatives from each site.

** Work to rule is an action common used by many unions. It is where educators only do only those things specified in the contract and for which they are actually compensated. This includes coming in right at the beginning of the contractual work day and leaving right at the end, not doing extra work outside of the duty day, and not volunteering for additional activities that are not compensated. The goal is to show our unity and call attention to all the extra work educators do for free.